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isa guha cricket

Isa Guha had a playing career spanning a decade for the England Women's Cricket team. As a winner of the ODI, T20 World Cup and  Ashes, Isa became the ICC Ranked No.1 bowler in 2008.

Since retirement in 2012, and following her hosting debut for ITV’s coverage of the IPL, Isa has rapidly established herself as a familiar face in cricket broadcasting across the globe.


Isa’s international appeal landed her several groundbreaking opportunities making her the first woman to commentate on an Indian Test Series for Star Sports, and on any global T20 men’s fixture during the Caribbean Premier League. In radio broadcasting, Isa was also one of the first women to summarise on men’s international fixtures for BBC’s Test Match Special. More recently, she presented the ESPN US, Caribbean and global digital coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia and was one of four female commentators to work on the IPL 2015, introducing women for the first time.


Isa is also a regular on the speaking circuit and has subsequently branched out into event hosting,  including the inaugural Asian Cricket Awards at Lords and number of other high profile benefit dinners.

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